aromatic life COURSES


Don’t want to use products with nasty chemical additives such as Paraben and SLS, but can’t bother paying more for ‘Natural products” in high street posh organic shops?

It is easy to make bespoke aromatherapy products at home. It’s cheap! Also, you can make what ever you want if you know the aromatherapy basics and rules.

Having full body massage from professional aromatherapist is heavenly experience, but it is also precious to have one from your loved one in your living room, even for 5 – 15 min. The basic routine takes 15 min to learn, anyone above 3 years old can capable to practice it. Good thing is that it only takes cost for few drops of essential oils plus vegetable oil and you can dive into your bed straight after!

In Japan, DIY aromatherapy is phenomenal movement since mid 90s. There are several teaching diploma for aromatherapy and even primary schools have DIY aromatherapy club, many companies offer aromatherapy self stress management workshop for their corporate employee which I’d been involved in when I lived in Tokyo.

I am happy to offer you some unique workshops. You can learn very basics of aromatherapy and bring your own products (air fleshier, skin toner, lotion, shampoo, bespoke fragrant hand soap, massage oil blends or 100% natural creams made in a sauce pan etc…) back to your home.

Please email me for more details…